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At school I participated in and enjoyed all sports activities but particularly excelled at football and athletics. A lot of things changed when I moved to Brussels, it has made a big difference to my life. I couldn't continue football, and since I've always been interested in fitness, bodybuilding and general health I decided to give it a try and make things happen.

I was lucky because I had everything I needed, especially the time to learn the proper training techniques and sport nutrition. With the new lifestyle I managed to improve my well-being and physique significantly and I became more motivated and confident. I moved back to Budapest since then and I've still got the same enthusiasm.

I hope to share what I have learned with anyone who wants to really improve their diet, shape, health and general well-being...



Body Transformation

Big changes need big changes. Increase lean muscle, burn fat and transform your body. Forget the bad habits and become the person you want to be.

Fat Loss

Those extra pounds have crept up on you have they? My fat loss regime will make you leaner and feel more energised

Muscle Building

Achieving that beach body look will take hard work, dedication and a structured plan of action. It wont be easy but you have to come to the right place.

Contest Prep

Need to hit that big stage with maximum impact? From start to finish I can help you define each muscle and guide you on how best to show them off when the day comes.

Training Plans

Professional goal oriented plans. My plans are a great way to add structure to your training and add variety to your current regime.

Online Coaching

I'm never too far away to help. With professional online training programmes, nutrition plans and regular check-ins, we can work towards a new you, no matter where you are.


One of the key factors of living a healthy lifestyle is having the right nutrition. Making the correct choices and sourcing the correct food has a massive influence on your health and wellbeing.

There are many misconceptions about the quality and type of foods that make up a healthy eating plan.
A common mistake that people make is that they under eat, which reduces their metabolic rate and lowers the rate at which their body burns fat.

This means that by drastically reducing your calorie intake you could be increasing your body fat mass. The immediate decrease in weight is often the result of losing lean muscle tissue and dehydration. Losing weight isn’t about eating less. It’s important to realise that losing weight and the loss of fat are two different things.

I can give advice and offer you a personalised nutrition plan, which will have you on your way to the perfect you.


  • Diet Analysis
  • Meal planning
  • Training Program
  • Accountability
  • Progress reports
  • Studio access
  • Full Assessment
  • Diet Analysis
  • Meal planning
  • Training Program
  • Accountability
  • Progress reports
  • Studio access
  • Full Assessment
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Blood Pressure
  • Body Mass Index (BMI)
  • Body Composition
  • Measure current level of fitness
  • Goal setting
Intro to TRX
  • Low-impact
  • Strength workout
  • Core training
  • Core tightening
  • Match your fitness level
  • Full body strength
  • Metabolic conditioning

Real Results

Michael is a holistic, Whole Body Coach. He coaches and empowers clients on how to change lifestyle and behavioral patterns to better support living a healthy lifestyle, in conjunction with utilizing highly effective training techniques, which promote fast body transformations.

"With Michael’s constant motivation and incredible exercise routines I have seen amazing results"
Olivia Smith
"Michael is by far the most innovative trainer ever. He utilizes exercises and routines that get maximum results"
John Williams
"With Michael’s fitness and nutrition coaching, and wise guidance I can now go to the gym with the confidence"
Liz James

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Workout Plans

A well-balanced exercise program can improve general health, and slow the effects of aging.

Fitness Training

Exercise will improve health, maintain fitness, and speed up your rehabilitation.

Lifestyle Schedules

Whole body health utilizes multiple healing disciplines, and cutting-edge technologies.

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The food our mums prepare and cook for us as children and teenagers greatly affects the way and what we eat once we hit adulthood. If you have eaten a certain way for twenty, thirty, forty years it can be difficult to change exactly what you think and feel about food but it's not impossible to retain those thoughts. Everyone has individual needs and we all have different likes and dislikes so it's important to find out what YOU like and what works for YOU.

Adapting your lifestyle will take discipline but if you want to see results and improve your general well-being then your new healthy eating plan will be essential to the final results. You might be surprised to learn that exercise is probably the easiest part! Nutrition is the key to improve the way you look and feel about yourself.

Most of us may feel we deserve a little treat after a workout – you've burned off a few extra calories so a little chocolate won't hurt – but all those little 'treats' you've eaten in the past are probably the cause of any excess weight you're carrying now and the reason you've decided to lose weight and tone up! We all enjoy food but need to be aware that we must limit the consumption of certain 'naughty nibbles' if we're going to change the way we look – treat yourself at the weekend, or on a special night out, but balance that by eating more sensibly during the week – small modifications can result in significant changes in the way you look and feel about yourself.
I have to be very organized and always try to prepare my seven meals a day in advance. My meals consist of proteins, low glycaemic carbohydrates (which will sustain my energy level over a longer period of time) and good quality unsaturated fat - just occasionally I'll add a little sauce of some description and have the occasional treat. However, when I want to be lean or just lose some fat then it's back to the strict diet with everything being accurately measured...

I have listed below just a few of the statements that we frequently hear.

I know you've heard it before but breakfast really is the most important meal of the day. After not consuming any food whilst sleeping breakfast will kick start your metabolism and get the body going. Excuses include “I haven't got time in the mornings” or “I just don't like eating that early” but force yourself to get up a few minutes earlier, prepare something the previous evening or have something as soon as you get to work. Don't think that by missing breakfast you're saving a few calories. You're much more likely to snack on something mid-morning when your energy level is low.
Whether you think your saving those unwanted calories or just can't find time for lunch think again. By starving your metabolism will slow down. You'll feel tired, moody and your energy levels will be low. Again, you'll be more likely to snack on high sugary foods (chocolate!) and put on weight.

This is good! It means your body is up and running!

But do you? Many people who are over weight do not actually eat enough or are simply eating the wrong foods. It's not just what you eat. The frequency of your meals could be the key. For example, splitting two meals into four smaller portions - you'll still be eating the same amount but having smaller, more frequent meals could make a big difference to your weight. Your body will get used to these small but regular meals and will be less likely to store excess food as fat...